If Zoom fails, we will host the Symposium using a combination of Google Meet and Discord. A Google Meet meeting will run throughout the day. Moderators and presenters for each session will join the meeting 5 minutes before the session begins. Participants will join a Discord server and view the stream through an assigned channel.  Additionally, the Program Committee will designate four Discord Captains who will join the Google Meet and stream it to Discord. 


Symposium participants who are not presenting will only need to use Discord. If you have never used Discord, you will need to create an account. Participants do not need to download the Discord app to view the stream, however, to view it in their browser they must use Google Chrome.

On Discord there will be four voice channels where the Discord Captains will stream the Google Meeting. Each participant (including presenters) will receive an email with the link to the Discord server and the name of the channel where they can view the stream.

If you did not register ahead of time, you can still join the Discord Server and view the stream from there. When you join, please send a message in the #discord-support channel and you will be assigned a channel from which you can view the stream.

Joining the Server

In order to view the stream and participate in the Symposium, you must join the Symposium Discord Server. You will need to create a Discord account, but as mentioned above, you do not need to download the app.

Viewing the Stream

To view the stream, locate the name of your assigned channel under the Voice Channels list. Click on it and you will be connected to the channel. You can now speak to everyone in the channel, but please mute yourself during sessions by clicking the microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, near your username and profile picture. When your Discord Captain starts streaming, a “LIVE” badge will appear next to their name. To watch their stream, double click their username, or click their username once and click the “Join the stream” button that appears in the pop-up.


During Q&A, participants can type their questions into the #q-and-a channel, and their questions will be relayed to Google Meet.

Social Time

During breaks, participants can stay in their stream channel or move to one of the breakout text channels to socialize with other participants. If you’d like to request a text or voice channel on a specific topic, send your request through the #meta channel and one of the Admins will create it for you.

Discord Tutorials and Guides

Getting Started with Discord
How to Join a Discord Server
Streaming on Discord

For Presenters

Joining the Google Meet

In the event that that Zoom is overwhelmed, you will receive an email with the link and a phone number with a PIN. If you are joining via the internet (i.e. on a computer), click the link and you will be prompted to 1) provide your name (if you are not logged in to a Google account) and 2) ask permission to join the meeting. From this screen you can also test if your microphone and camera are working. The host of the meeting will approve you and you will be added to the meeting.

If you are joining by phone, call the phone number from the email, and when prompted, enter the PIN number using your phone buttons. You will then join the meeting room. You will be able to listen and talk during the meeting, but you will not be able to share a video feed.

For best browser compatibility, we recommend that you use Google Chrome. However, you do not need a Google account to join our Google Meet.

When you join the meeting, you can mute yourself by clicking the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and toggle your video feed by clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. We ask that you remain muted when you are not presenting or answering a question. If you join by phone, the moderator may mute you until it is your turn to present.


Before you present, make sure you have “pinned” the moderator of the session so that you can see their time cards letting you know how long you have left. To pin someone’s video, double click on the thumbnail of their video; or, hover over their video and click the pushpin icon. 

To share your screen, click the “Present Now” button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can choose to share your entire screen or a single window. When you’re done, click the “Stop presenting” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once the session is over, leave the meeting by clicking the red phone icon at the bottom of the window.

For a quick tutorial on using Google Meet, watch the video below:

For Discord Captains

Thank you for agreeing to be a Discord Captain! Your job will be to stream the Google Meet to a Discord Voice Channel. When you signed up to be a Discord Captain, your slot had a number on it. When it is time for you to stream, you will stream to the Symposium Stream channel with the same number.

In order to stream through Discord, you will need to: 

  1. Download the Discord application (it is not possible to stream through the web client)
  2. Create a Discord account
  3. Join our server

When it’s time for you to stream the Symposium: 

  1. Join the Symposium Google Meet 
  2. Log into the Discord app and navigate to our server
  3. Join your assigned voice channel
    1. If the previous Discord Captain is still streaming, you can message them directly and let them know you are ready to stream.
  4. Click the “Go Live!” icon, which looks like a computer screen with an arrow on it
  5. Select the Google Meet window to start sharing. 

For more information on Go Live!, check out Discord’s Guide to Screen Sharing